We, Worldtech LCD LTD is the Hong Kong sales office of Ocular Co. and Dalian Eastern Display Co. which our main China factories located in Xiamen and Dalian. We started manufacturing of LCD panel and LCD module since 1992.

With the use of latest technology and tip-top capability, our product ranges include of LCD panel(TN, HTN, STN, FSTN and color STN) and LCD module(COB, TAB, COG, LCM with touch panel ….), LCD panel's glass thickness is 1.1mm, 0.7mm, 0.55mm and 0.4mm. We are certificated with ISO9001 by Norway DNV in 2001.

Our production capacity: 30000 square meters for LCD panel and 10 million pcs for LCD module.

Beside our of standard LCD and LCM and custom LCD and LCM, We also provide service of custom LED backlight modules(blue, green and yellow-green color…)

In the past years, we have not only a good increase sales recorder in China, Hong Kong, but also in all over the world, In the future, we will make more close relationship and technical support with our customers and friends,

"Best quality, fast delivery, lower prices and excellent service" is our policy and promise to all customers.